:Free 2 Lay - Not So Much:

Corny as it sounds, Nothing is FREE.

By DJ Lo
Associated Pimped Writer
February 19, 2007, 8:29 PM EST

PLANO, Texas--The American maker of corn and potato chips, Frito-Lay, Inc was not happy with the pricing structure of the discontinued PPC shirt.  Apparently, there is an associated cost with a Lay thus cannot be free.

According to Chief Financial Officer, Chip Layman, "Each lay has an associated cost of $.005149 per serving size.  In order to recoup that cost, we are asking customers that received their lays for free prior to May 18, 2004 to please send check or money order to the corporate office in Dallas."

In related news, the Onion, American's finest news source, states that Frito-Lay will launch a Flat Earth marketing campaign based on the slogan, "Bet You Can't Eat Even One." Surprisingly, however, the company is also in talks with distributors to ensure that Flat Earth snacks are installed in every school vending machine in the country.

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